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FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 12:00am EST
a promise, but i disagree, i want the keystone pipeline i want to drill and energy production. >> now you don't, no you don't. >> sean: yes, i do. >> you have children, right? you want them to live in a world where there's water and food and a livable climate that they won't be struggling to survive, right. >> sean: wait a minute, saudi, the middle east drill for oil all day. >> there is a difference, this isn't drilling for oil. this is extreme lethal extraction. you were in new york during sandy, right? >> yeah. >> do you want more of those kinds of events. >> sean: i don't believe that this global warming nan sense -- nonsense is real and why the scientists made up the phony e-mails. >> be there as it may, do you want an eco system and water and soil and everything that's pollution. >> sean: i want clean air, clean water, i don't want hurricanes, i'm a good person. >> great, so then here is the deal. we actually have everything we need to create a clean energy prosperous economy right now. >> sean: solyndra? >> solyndra happened because china was on it and undercut our pric
FOX News
Feb 13, 2013 2:00am EST
energy bills are lower. does he fill up that big lamb scene we way for? the price of gas is double. it's the nice thing about air force one. americans know when he's elected cost of gas is about a buck 80 a gallon. now, this administration puts every barrier to getting us self shove sent. that would drive up costs for every family in information this makes your daily experience, daily life harder, more challenging and going skill kil job autos expands government and kills private sector jobs. >> that is the thing. everybody is about government salvation. government is the answer almost like a drug to him. he keep goesing back and using same talking points and false narrative. you know? balance approach. fair share. we can't cut our way to prosperity. tell me he says they've reduced deficit by $2.5 trillion adding $6 trillion to national debt in 40 years, how do you come up with that washington math? my cal tu later doesn't add that way. >> i'm not nearly smart enough to understand his math. what i know is that spending is out of control, debt, out of control is jeopardizing future
FOX News
Feb 15, 2013 12:00am EST
: green energy. the president claimed that we have doubled the distance of cars how far they can go in a tank of gas. >> well, again, i'm sure it's just a misunderstanding. >> bill: another one? >> 27 miles to the gallon. >> bill: yes. >> is the current overall rate for. >> bill: on the highway. >> on the highway. and by 202025 we will have cars on the highway through agreement with the manufacturers of an average of 54 miles to the gal loan. >> bill: that's good. >> that's great but that's 2025 not now. in fact, the changes that will allow us to move towards that 54 or doubling as the president said it and made it sound as if it were today doesn't even take place until 2017. >> he didn't say it was 12 years away. >> no. he forgot to put that in there. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. keeping an eye on the situation. >> thank you. >> bill: directly ahead. outrageous video that we the taxpayers funded has to do with training federal employees that you are not going to believe what you are about to hear. a factor exclusive moments away. >> bill: impact seeing. inculcating, word of the day pr
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
budget, secure the border, they're going to be the party that will bring us to energy independence. these weren't complicated things, save social security. >> and one thing that i -- i think it one thing that would help is just recognize that for some reason obama is personally appealing. you don't see it, but he is charming, people like him. that's not transferrable to joe biden, that's not transferrable to hillary clinton. when you take it down issue by issue, like on guns, like on amnesty. like on raising taxes, the size of government, the deficit. that's where republicans win and that's what we should be talking about. >> all right. if they stick to a very simple agenda do you stick with those who say maybe republicans stay off the social issues or if you talk about it. >> no. >> sean: got to run for office, have an answer for abortion. i mean, that's, that's fair. >> no, i mean, what was so upsetting to pro lifers like me about aiken and murdoch mulling about what should happen to a mawoman in the case of rape and all the hard work done by intelligent pro-lifers winning issue
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)